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How to Dress For Photography Sessions

Here are some tips for how to prepare for photography sessions.

  1. Dress in solid colors that you love if possible and make sure your family matches as much as you can and still have your individual styles.

  2. Bring props that you need. An example would be if you are a musician, bring your instrument. If you have flowers, signs, or other props bring them with you.

  3. Make sure you have your hair, makeup, and other important factors all ready for awesome photos. You can also bring touch ups like something to dab your face with if the weather is hot.

  4. Finally bring your smiles and be ready to have fun making good family memories. I hope this helps and make sure to leave your contact information so we can call you and talk about booking a photography session.

Here is a photograph from a professional photography session and by the way they are also married. We appreciate those who serve our community.

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